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Window shopping

I promised myself that I won't shop for awhile. It's been a month now, and I'm actually doing well. :)

I was reading Akisa's blog and found Polyvore. This is my first time trying it.....I'm using Polyvore as my window shopping tool :)


Oil & hair - My best find of the year

If you've ever seen an Asian beauty ad, you'd see a picture of a beautiful girl with porcelain clear skin, and almost always, she'd have jet black, thick and shiny beautiful hair. Most Asian people I know, consider that image the Asian beauty standard.

The only thing I have comparing to that standard is thick hair. My hair has always been medium brown, frizzy, dry, and very much out of control. I tell everyone I know that my hair has a mind of its own, and whatever its mood is, I'd have to go along for the ride, trying to please it...hoping it won't treat me too badly for the day.

I'm a self-confessed beauty products addict (in fact, I have an uncontrollable shopping addiction but I'll get to that later). I'm always in search for the perfect hair products since I have a dying need to manage my hair. Recently, my hair stylist (Kelly, you rock!) introduced me to MoroccanOil Hair products, and I have been in love. I don't think I can live without a bottle of the Original MoroccanOil in my beauty cabinet.

The Original Moroccanoil is meant to give your hair a silky finish, shine, and restore over-processed hair damaged by enviromental factors and chemical procedures. Boy, this oil delivers its promises. There are 2 ways of using it: applying on wet hair before you blow dry, or on dry hair to control frizz. When I pour the oil out of the bottle, I was a bit scared since the texture of the oil is quite thick and it has a golden brown color. However, after I blow dry my hair, it feels so natural without any trace of residue. The first time I started using this oil on my hair, I couldn't stop touching my hair for hours. My hair was silky smooth for the whole day; my ends were under control, look healthy wihout getting frizzy as the day goes on, and overall, my hair definitely look a lot shinier than it normally is. If you ask me one reason why I must have this hair oil, I'd say, because it gives me the kind of hair I've wanted for a long time.

I'm in love with this product. If you have uncontrollable hair like I do, definitely give this wonderful product a try. Several of my friends have tried it (even the ones without any hair problems), and they all love it.

I don't dream of fitting into the Asian beauty standard, but with the help of this marvelous hair oil, I'm growing to love my hair more and more everyday.

Go here if you'd like to try it. For more information, go here. I hope you'll love it as much as I do.

Happy Friday everyone!


Great sales items

Found some great deals today online. Just thought I should share the wealth:


They're having quite a few products on sale for 50% off. Stock up on these:

Mini Brush Set - Used to be $75, now $35. Includes: check colour brush, eye clour brush, eye crease brush, flat eye liner brush, double-ended brow groomer brush, and secret camouflage brush. What a great deal!

Illuminating Stick - Used to be $25, now $12.50. There're two colors on sale (golden honey glow and golden rose glow). I personally love the 2nd one; it's a lovely shade of bronze rose with a bit of shimmer. Very flattering on.

Nail Lacquer - Used to be $15, now $7.50. All the colors available are lovely and can be used all year round

Lip kisses - Used to be $20, now $10. These lipsticks are moisturizing with SPF 15. Again, I'd stock up on all colors available.

They have quite a few products available, but these are what I personally like and bought. Go to here to shop


Definitely lots of great deals online. These items below are my absolute favorite:

Mr. Frosty - Used to be $20, now $15. It's a great white with a bit of sparkle eye pencil. It's great to use for highlighting, not only for your eyes but also for cheeks. Highly recommended.

Whooosh - Used to be $22, now $15.40. This acne medication foaming face wash contains 2% salicylic acid. It's gentle and effective. I definitely would stock up on these

Silk lip pencil in Mercy - Used to be $18, now $9. Since coral is so in for the summer, this lip liner is great to keep in your purse since it's soft, easy to apply, and the color is wonderful. Fill your lips in with this and top them up with a light and shinny lip gloss, and you'll be ready to go out and have some fun.

Go here to purchase.

It's the time for all of us to be thrifty, but we sometimes still need to shop a bit for fun. The trick is to find great deals, so not only we can save ourselves some money, but we can also do our parts in supporting the economy.

Enjoy everyone!


Mon Amour

Since I don't have my camera with me, I want to do a post about Paris. I grew up reading French books, listening to French music, and hearing many amazing stories from my grandparents about Paris. Two years ago, I finally had a chance to be there, and I fell madly in love with the city.

I'm dying to go back to Paris. Just thought I'd make a list about all the things I love about the "City of Lights"; hopefully........ somehow my wish will come true and I'll be in Paris again sooner than later.

Tour de Eiffel: No matter what people say, I love the Eiffel tower at night

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris: I love "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo, this was the first site I visit when I got to Paris

Musee d'Orsay: Full of magnificent paintings by many talented impressionist artists. Claude Monet is my favorite of all time

Madeleines: Paris has so many amazing patisserie full of wonderful pastries. To me, nothing beat a fluffy madeleine and a hot cup of tea at a sidewalk cafe
Coco Chanel's Apartment at 31 Rue Cambon: My idol, Coco Chanel. She's such an inspiration.

Someeone told me once that if I really want something, I should say my wish out loud, the universe will somehow find a way to work with me to make it happen. So here it is, I want to go back to Paris....let's hope I'll have enough strong will to stop my shopping addiction and save enough money to make my wish come true in September :)


Getting started

I was thinking about writing a long post about myself and the reason why I want to start blogging about things I love; after much consideration, I think it's best to just list a few things about myself and a certain things I like at the moment, just so you have a better idea of who I am.

So here I go:

Name: Thuy
Nickname: Miu (my grandma gave me this nickname and I very much treasure it)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Things I love :


Foundation: Loving L'Egere White Multi BB Cream at the moment
Eyeshadows: Benefit Cream shadow in Skinny Jeans and Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Sugar Candy (a great combo together also)
Blush: Cargo Blu_Ray Blush/Highlighter in Peach and Jill Stuart Blush in Fresh Apricot (#6)
Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Color #311
Perfume: Burberry London and Marc Jacob Daisy (this bottle is super cute and girly)

Clothing and accessories:

Go to casual item: People's Liberation Jeans in Tanya and my white Alexander Wang T-shirt.
Going out outfit: Dresses and high heels. Loving my new Chiana Layered Dress and Oh Deer "Charms" shoes in Black
Must have jewelry: oversized cocktail rings

I'm generally a girly girl.........though, I've been trying to switch up my style a bit....perhaps my new style can be described as "a girly girl with an edge". :)

I decide to start blogging since I'd love to share my finds and what I like. Hopefully, through this blog, I'll be able to find suggestions for new products that you love. I love trying new things, and since my new year resolution this year was to try one new thing everyday....I'd love to hear from you.

This is for now........hope I won't be too lazy to bable on some more.

Good night!!!