Getting started

I was thinking about writing a long post about myself and the reason why I want to start blogging about things I love; after much consideration, I think it's best to just list a few things about myself and a certain things I like at the moment, just so you have a better idea of who I am.

So here I go:

Name: Thuy
Nickname: Miu (my grandma gave me this nickname and I very much treasure it)
Location: San Francisco, CA

Things I love :


Foundation: Loving L'Egere White Multi BB Cream at the moment
Eyeshadows: Benefit Cream shadow in Skinny Jeans and Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Sugar Candy (a great combo together also)
Blush: Cargo Blu_Ray Blush/Highlighter in Peach and Jill Stuart Blush in Fresh Apricot (#6)
Lipstick: Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Color #311
Perfume: Burberry London and Marc Jacob Daisy (this bottle is super cute and girly)

Clothing and accessories:

Go to casual item: People's Liberation Jeans in Tanya and my white Alexander Wang T-shirt.
Going out outfit: Dresses and high heels. Loving my new Chiana Layered Dress and Oh Deer "Charms" shoes in Black
Must have jewelry: oversized cocktail rings

I'm generally a girly girl.........though, I've been trying to switch up my style a bit....perhaps my new style can be described as "a girly girl with an edge". :)

I decide to start blogging since I'd love to share my finds and what I like. Hopefully, through this blog, I'll be able to find suggestions for new products that you love. I love trying new things, and since my new year resolution this year was to try one new thing everyday....I'd love to hear from you.

This is for now........hope I won't be too lazy to bable on some more.

Good night!!!

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